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Avast VPN for torrent is among the most well-known VPN services across the globe. It secures your internet connection by bypassing geographical restrictions. It also lets you browse the internet anonymously on public networks. It provides high-speed connections as well as encryption of your traffic, which helps protect your privacy online. It also comes with a lengthy list of features which makes it a great option for torrenting and streaming. It also comes with a seven-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The service employs a unique technology known as SecureLine VPN which is designed to offer secure connections and high speeds, especially for long distances. Avast’s VPN has military grade AES 256-bit encryption that ensures the protection of your data from hackers and hackers and eavesdroppers. DNS leak protection is also available to help conceal your IP address. This is vital for torrenting since it prevents unauthorised users from seeing your torrenting activity.

Avast VPN also has a kill switch that you can activate from the app. This is crucial to torrenting because it will keep your connection in use even if you decide to disconnect from the VPN for any reason. It offers a wide range of server locations that offer you a variety of options to select the P2P Server that will meet your needs.

Avast also has an anti-logging policy. This is crucial since the recording of your internet activity could be illegal in certain countries. Avast does not keep any information. This includes your connection to the Avast servers and the websites you visit. However, it does operate in countries with strict laws on data retention. This means that it may be required to comply with the requests of government agencies.