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AVG antivirus is a tool that protects against viruses, ransomware and other threats. It also scans websites to identify sites that could be dangerous. It’s available for PCs and Macs as well as an application for mobile phones for Android and iOS devices.

The free avg anti-virus software has all the features you’d expect from a modern antivirus scanner. It scans emails that are received and sent and scans directories and files for malware, and quarantines those that are infected. It includes an advanced firewall that is more powerful than free options and enables you to specify and manage rules for specific applications. It can distinguish between public and private networks to apply a different level of security. It includes a variety of advanced alerts, such as data leak protection as well as port scan alerts and ARM spoofing warnings.

AVG’s performance tuning tools can aid your computer in speeding it up and clear out junk files and prolong battery life. It also helps keep software up to date by preventing them from becoming obsolete and vulnerable to vulnerabilities. The premium versions of AVG antivirus have extra features, including secure banking or an VPN that encrypts internet browsing.

AVG’s interface is simple and clean with recognizable headings and thumbnails. This gives you an overview of the threats the software protects you from. It’s easy to start basic scans or any more comprehensive checks, but accessing other features requires an ambiguous menu system. AVG does not offer support via phone for technical issues which is a common feature in other suites.