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With cybercriminals releasing new viruses and malware each day, a good antivirus program is essential for anyone who uses mobile or computers. There are plenty of top-quality programs to ensure your security. But with many different choices out there, picking the best antivirus program can be a challenge. We’ve collected the top antivirus reviews to help you search for the best security solution.

We’ve picked the top antivirus software based on the recommendations from independent testing labs like the AV-Test or AV-Comparatives labs, as well as CNET’s personal testing with hands-on. Our top choices include a free one as well as a basic, paid version and a few mid-priced ones with a variety of additional features.

AVG Antivirus is a great choice for people who want a no-fuss, simple service that will give them peace of mind. Its excellent performance during AV-Test June 2023 tests, where it was awarded top marks for usability, performance, and security making it a viable alternative to paid versions.

For a more extensive option, we recommend McAfee Total Protection. It provides a broad array of features including a secure browser that includes virtual keyboards, Wi-Fi scanner, file shredder and protection from encryption ransomware. All in an affordable package. It also has a refreshingly low impact on performance and comes with a few annoying interruptions while running.

The majority of our top picks have various other useful features, like firewalls, password manager, and a VPN as well as malware-detection capabilities. These features are essential if you use your computer for gaming or work. There are even products that will scan your social media accounts for harmful links.