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Board meetings can help companies meet their goals in the future, prevent conflict and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements however only if they’re given the time to be effective. A little effort on behalf of all the participants can turn board meetings into productive, efficient and enjoyable sessions.

Begin on Time

It makes members feel appreciated by ensuring they are on time. It’s vital that the meeting begins on time, with all materials distributed prior to time so that members can go through them before the meeting begins. This will allow for a discussion to be focused on the topic that is at time, and not get distracted by irrelevant details.

Set the time limit for each item on the agenda, and follow it as closely as you can. This will keep meetings on track and stop people from wasting time waiting for late board members or having them in the room for a long time after they should have finished (BoardEffect).

During discussions, allow everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion. This is a critical component to a democratic process. It will help ensure that everyone’s ideas are taken into consideration. If you notice that an idea is gaining momentum, reiterate your main idea and inquire if there are other factors to consider before making a final decision. This will allow you to make a decision that will likely to be backed by all members and will be successful.