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Keep track of documents and manage finances

A financial institution’s trust department is usually responsible for managing a multitude of important paperwork, such as powers of attorney, conservatorship documents and investment portfolios, as well as banking statements and bill payments. All of these documents must meet strict legal requirements. This means they must be tracked, and managed in a logical manner.

Begin by putting all your documents together. Then, sort them by kind (banking and insurance, for instance.) Then, sort them according to the type (banking and insurance.) After sorting them into categories, you can then label them, then place them in three separate folders and save them for future use or shred them. This method will save you time from having to go through old files, and will aid in avoiding the cost of products or services you already have.

Utilizing a digital document-management system such as BDS is a great method to keep your financial More hints documents and records in order. By storing your financial records digitally, it is much easier to access and find when you need it. Furthermore digital records are more secure than paper. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your workflows and help keep your records in compliance.