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Preparing for your board meeting is an essential procedure that will ensure a productive boardroom discussion. The process can seem overwhelming when you don’t practice it often, but it is worth the effort.

Plan the agenda for board meetings with the chair of the board and CEO/executive director several weeks before the meeting is scheduled to take place. Think about the expected attendance, division and strategies to facilitate discussion. Make a list for the directors and committee chairpersons who must submit reports at the meeting. Give them an exact date to submit the report and outline the topics that will be discussed at the meeting.

Assemble the board meeting materials, including the finalized meeting agenda as well as the financial and managerial reports committee reports, and prior meeting minutes. Make sure that these materials are distributed to all attendees at a timely fashion. If your business uses an online board portal to distribute meeting materials The process should be smooth.

Discuss the best way to deal with any hot issues in the boardroom. By bringing these issues up in advance, you reduce the risk that the meeting will turn into a finger pointing meeting and allow board members to look at various options.

Verify that all necessary meeting equipment is in place and will be available for the board meeting. Also, make sure the catering arrangements have been created and are ready for pickup the day before the meeting.