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Training in the board room is an educational approach that assists both new and experienced members of a board understand the complexities involved in serving on a board. Most of the time, the best method of learning these intricacies is to learn from experienced board members who are willing to impart their expertise. These training sessions may be in the form of mentorship or formalized educational programs on board governance.

Boards are accountable to make broad decisions that influence the direction of a business while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations as corporate trustees on behalf of investors. They also need to ensure that all assets of the company are handled in a way that is compliant with industry regulations. They do this by meeting regularly in a boardroom, where they discuss the most urgent issues facing the business and determine the best way to deal with them.

It’s not easy to join on a board. Board members need to be prepared to deal with difficult situations and be able to fulfill their commitments to their stakeholders. This is why training in the boardroom is so crucial.

Boardroom training sessions allow board members to discuss governance and leadership requirements specific to their businesses in a private, no-holds-barred forum. NACD provides these specialized educational and advisory briefings that are led by directors in their current positions and subject-matter experts. They can be customized to address the internal workings and nuanced dynamics of each individual board. In addition to fostering board member engagement and development, they promote the highest level of professional integrity in the boardroom.